Enber & Myla Feb08


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Enber & Myla

I love taking events photo especially wedding.  Our goal is to capture the emotions and  moments.  What make wedding photography more challenging is able to share the laughter and tears to the whole family and friends.

I want to share  the wedding of Enber and Myla held at The Mango Farm, so intimate and memorable to all of us 🙂

IMG_8018 (Copy) IMG_5317 (Copy) IMG_5458 (Copy) IMG_7565 (Copy) IMG_7772 (Copy) IMG_7913 (Copy) IMG_5421 (Copy) IMG_5380 (Copy) IMG_5286 (Copy) IMG_5239 (Copy) IMG_5415 (Copy) IMG_5409 (Copy) IMG_5364 (Copy) IMG_7909 (Copy) IMG_7152 (Copy) IMG_7738 (Copy) IMG_5211 (Copy) IMG_5159 (Copy) IMG_7348 (Copy) IMG_8022 (Copy) IMG_7134 (Copy) IMG_4957 (Copy) IMG_7205 (Copy) IMG_7148 (Copy) IMG_4976 (Copy) IMG_5178 (Copy) IMG_4804 (Copy) IMG_7258 (Copy) IMG_5915 (Copy) IMG_5922 (Copy) IMG_7527 (Copy) IMG_7556 (Copy)

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